Development of a dynamic site for people transportation services

It is addressed to companies, taxi owners, owners of rental vehicles with a driver, owners of small & large buses, and any type of business that deals with the transportation of people.

Basic features

  • Automatic reservation form with as many menus and in as many languages ​​as you wish.
  • Booking form with 2 types of services (Routes - Transport) and (Rental vehicle with driver - Car & Driver)
  • Simple and easy booking for a route (transfer) by the customer, in just 3 steps: Select the route - See the price - Book
  • Creation of information fields depending on the route (e.g. for a route from an airport the field is displayed: flight number, for a route from a port the field is displayed: ship name)
  • Simple and easy reservation for car rental with a driver (Car & Driver) by the customer in just 3 steps with the possibility of an extra charge for certain cases (e.g. the customer wants to be picked up or dropped off at the airport)
  • Possibility of time limitation of booking for any service (Transfer or Car & Driver), for as many hours as you wish (e.g. not in a period of less than 3 hours).
  • Easy route search (daily, weekly, monthly) as routes are automatically entered into a calendar. This way helps you to properly manage and avoid any mistakes
  • Create unlimited types of cars (Taxi, Minivan, Minibus, Bus etc).
  • Field for requesting the installation of a child seat, of a specific type per age with or without extra charge (optional)
  • Possibility to create an unlimited list of routes with a different fee per hour and season (eg Day & Night fee or Low - High season).

Simple and easy booking process

When the customer makes a reservation through the form, he automatically receives an email in which you inform him of the status of his reservation, as well as a confirmation email in the corresponding language that he has made the reservation in the two ways below.

1. (Waiting): In this way you have the possibility to first check your availability and then with the press of a button change the status of the reservation to Accepted

2. (Accepted): In this way, the customer receives a direct email with the details of his reservation with detailed information on the point and how to meet the driver.You can choose whichever method suits your business best!Upon completion of the process, you will receive an email with the details of the reservation.

 Payment methods for the reservation:

1. With cash to the driver

2. By credit / debit card to the driver

3. With full or partial prepayment of the reservation via Paypal

You also have the ability to create discount coupons, which you can send to specific customers of yours to use on future bookings. 

Take a test!

You can see how it works in practice by making a test booking in the booking form (DEMO) at the link below:

DEMO link

Form Design

The booking form can be made in any color you wish and with the corresponding logo of your business.


Having specialized in the construction of dynamic sites for companies dealing in the field of transportation of persons, we prioritize their development and response to the demands of the modern market. In this context, our prices are extremely competitive!


For information please contact us, at   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.